Wild Willys Rope Course and 4D Theater Combo

Wild Willy's rope course

Here at Wild Willy’s we want you to have a memorable experience exploring new activities! We have a number of different attractions sure to make everyone’s day! Whether you plan to spend the entire day or just a couple hours hanging out there is always something fun to do. Our great package will keep you entertained for hours!

  • Fun for all ages and interests.
  • Virtual, physical & mental challenges.
  • A great attraction for groups.
  • Educational and exciting.

Combo Packages
Tree Top Combo – This combo includes 1 ropes course, 1 4D movie and $10 in Arcade points
With 5 increasingly difficult levels, climbers scale and make their way across the rope elements challenging balance, agility, and skill as they make their way up to the top to explore and experience breathtaking views of the Gulf, Park and Bay from over 60 feet in the air! Next, Enjoy a movie like no other with our 4D Movie Experience. Our 4D movie theater combines a 3D Movie with unique motion and a special effects experience to immerse you into the on-screen action like never before. Finish up your visit by checking out our arcade. With over 65 games in our 16,000 square foot Redemption Arcade, there’s something for every family member to do! Our games are state of the art with the latest high tech games, many skill based redemption games like Ski Ball, and fun games such as PacMan, and Sonic Air Hockey.

Location(s): Fort Walton Beach

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