Endless Summer

Find places to stay in any season -- beach and vacation rentals in 30A and South Walton, FL

We celebrated summer’s arrival greeting long-time guests and friends to our gorgeous South Walton beaches. Before we knew it, fireworks were bursting over the water on the 4th of July. Now suddenly, the kids are returning to school, our pristine white beaches are becoming quieter and calmer, and the summer months are slipping away. But, we have the luxury of living on the Emerald Coast, where the summer seems to be endless.

Dune Allen Realty is a small, family-owned and operated company.  Our vacation rentals have been welcoming generations of families for nearly sixty years.

And while we love the busy times that spring break and the summer months bring us, we also love the hushed reprieve of August, September and October; the weather remains warm and breezy, the sunsets take your breath away, and those visitors to our lovely home, who wish to avoid summer tourists, are just arriving to enjoy our harmoniously calming beaches.

On the Emerald Coast, Labor Day is often considered to be our last exhilarating breath before autumn begins. But many of us know that our seemingly endless summers have not even begun to relent. Instead, for some, this is the time to begin a fulfilling and delightful vacation. They have their choice of the most sought after 30A vacation rentals, and come at a time when the weather is warm and the sun is still shining brightly and it seems that the beaches belong entirely to them.

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