Premier 30A Property Management

For over 60 years, Dune Allen Realty has been successfully serving homeowners just like you along South Walton’s beautiful beaches. The homes along 30A have been cared for by our family for decades, making us experts in Gulf Coast property management and guest satisfaction.

As a 30A homeowner, we know that your South Walton home is likely a lot of things—a happy place for your family to play, a “someday” retirement dream spot, or simply a smart investment in your family’s financial future. Whatever your 30A home is to you, our Dune Allen Realty staff is committed to treating your property like their very own.

Successfully managing a rental home in South Walton is a demanding, full-time job, and it’s one we’ve been perfecting since 1958. Let us show you how.

Exceptional Home Management

Other than our 60+ years of experience and our historically long and loyal guest list, the main difference between Dune Allen Realty and other South Walton property management companies is the personal and immediate attention we give to our property owners and our guests.

We are a hands-on, boots-on-the-ground, 24/7 company—absolutely no stone is left unturned, no detail is overlooked, and our guests receive the greatest service and care possible.

It’s a simple formula that has worked for Dune Allen Realty and our property owners for decades: a professionally managed home + happy guests = the maximum rental income for your South Walton vacation property.

“We had a fantastic experience renting a beach house through Dune Allen Realty, so much so that we chose them for our property management as well after buying our own beach house rental.

In this global digital age, ‘old school’ personal service and hyper local expertise is the ‘new modern’.”

– M. Howard
Dune Allen Beach Gulf Front Owner

Superior Home Maintenance

Unlike other 30A property managers, we don’t consider our in-house maintenance program to be a profit center. At Dune Allen Realty, all maintenance is literally at cost—there are no hidden fees, no maintenance contracts, or required annual maintenance programs.

On small maintenance jobs, our experienced maintenance crew will charge for materials used and their time (real-time on the job) only. On bigger jobs, especially those requiring a license, we have access to and professional relationships with a large number of trusted local vendors. And you can rest assured that we will ALWAYS call you before committing to a vendor. The only exception is obviously in the case of an emergency.

White-Glove Housekeeping

Housekeeping is a primary area of focus in the day-to-day operations of Dune Allen Realty. We literally make triple sure that your vacation property is not only clean, but ready on time to welcome our eager guests. We operate under a strict, ZERO tolerance for anything but a spotless home.

How do we accomplish this? By carefully selecting the best cleaning teams in our area. Then, we employ full-time inspectors who make sure our high standards are met. In addition, both our General Manager and Property Managers make surprise spot inspections which are the key to maintaining such high expectations. Our system works because of our relentless commitment to complete cleanliness.

We’re also proud to provide our homeowners with completely free linen service. Not having to pay for expensive sheet and towel replacements (a common practice at other property management companies) is a special Dune Allen Realty perk that our homeowners adore.

Effective, Consistent Marketing

Thanks to our exceptional and high-ranking website name,, and to the extensive marketing of our outstanding portfolio of vacation rentals, Dune Allen Realty’s property owners continue to reap the benefits of our highly effective marketing program. Our full-time marketing staff, from our creative department to our social networking department, strategically and aggressively puts into action a diversified marketing plan through a broad spectrum of media including internet, print, social networking, and local partnerships (, Sowal, and Rent 30A to name a few). We also provide a free VRBO listing for each home that is fully maintained by our staff.

Showing your home to potential guests in the best possible light is a priority we take very seriously. Most property managers will charge you an arm and a leg for photography sessions—whether you are new to our property management program or have recently updated your home, at Dune Allen Realty we provide professional photography sessions at no cost to you.

We’re Proudly “Old-School” Where It Counts

These days, so much of vacation rental property management has been automated—from online reservations to keyless entries to phone check-ins to virtual concierges. Sure, it’s cool and convenient, but at Dune Allen Realty we believe that what makes us special is our commitment to operating a little old-school.

We enjoy the practice of conversations with our guests. Before confirming an online reservation, we speak directly to the guest. We believe that this allows us to establish a valuable relationship with each visitor to your home, and many times at check-out, the guest will book their next trip right then and there!

We’re also very, very local. This means that we’re physically running up and down 30A all day long—passing your house multiple times daily, noting the activity level, the number of cars in the driveway, and the overall vibe; “keeping an eye on things” in the most old-school way possible.

Five-Star Guest Service

Dune Allen Realty proudly boasts the friendliest, most reliable staff in the vacation rental property management business. We offer our guests an easy, stress-free 30A vacay every step of the way, from pre-booking questions to the moment of booking to post-check-out time and beyond. Our knowledgeable and helpful Concierge Service, as well as the opportunity to book 30A activities directly from our site, helps our guests plan their entire beach vacation all in one place. Mainly, we know that personalized service and strong customer relationships are everything. That’s precisely why our guests will continue to return year after year.

Dune Allen Realty—We’re Your South Walton Home’s BFF

If you have any questions, are looking for references, or just want to chat, feel free to reach out to us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you.

For a personal introduction to our property management program please call our General Manager, Beth Godwin, at 850-267-2121.